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When you hear about passing props through files in React at first it might be a little confusing for some and that's ok. In phase 5 of my coding boot camp because of props and state alone, I found it the most challenging. The way I like to picture it is like passing something down the grapevine. You have information that you need to get to another JS file so I’ll show you how to get it there. Whether you’re passing it to a class component or a functional component. …

Many Hats, Trucker to Coder

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I’ve worn many hats. I’ve done manual machining, worked on cars, truck driving, deli, retail, and insurance sales. I have to say Software Developer I enjoy the most. I’m currently 26 and wish I would’ve gotten into the tech industry instead of truck driving. I use to drive locally in Chicago just picking up and dropping off general freight and doing trailer switches. It was easy money but worked long hours and i realized after 3 years I didn’t want the rest of my life to be on the roads staying past 7pm not being…

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Ever wondered why sometimes ads follow you around on the internet? Or how some web pages are able to remember what you were looking at or maybe it goes over your head that your Amazon cart still has your items waiting to be purchased. In the background of your web page, your information is being saved in what is called an HTTP Cookie. So in some ways, cookies are very convenient but they can become rather annoying as well if you’re bothered by the consistent ads in the background.

HOW do they even get my info in the first place!?

I was VERY excited to be accepted into my coding boot camp. Pft I’m still excited. After doing an initial coding exam I was then contacted by an admissions person. She let me know I was going to be contacted by a coach to go over my thought process on how I came to the solution I got. That was a little nerve-racking because my interviewer was very monotone and intimidating. I was hoping for more feedback but they let me know that I was accepted. On youtube, I watched videos and read a couple of articles on how the…

Keep it together brah.

Going into the project that we got assigned to in what is barely the end of the first week of my boot camp. Oof the imposter syndrome is heavy I tell you. Our challenge was to develop a small application that had deliverables that had to be met. A user had to be able to CRUD, more on that later.

The project was announced last Thursday and we were assigned our partners the end of next day, Friday. So I’m sure the instructors paired us with a counter if they noticed we were struggling. I’m grateful…

Jose Mendoza

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