Keep it together brah.

Going into the project that we got assigned to in what is barely the end of the first week of my boot camp. Oof the imposter syndrome is heavy I tell you. Our challenge was to develop a small application that had deliverables that had to be met. A user had to be able to CRUD, more on that later.

The project was announced last Thursday and we were assigned our partners the end of next day, Friday. So I’m sure the instructors paired us with a counter if they noticed we were struggling. I’m grateful for my partner having patients with me and taking the time to explain things. I feel as though I had a decent grip on what was going on. It would’ve just taken me a lot longer to figure out issues. Our project is wrapped up and good to go and I’m excited to see everybody else’s projects.

The first deliverable was to make sure we had a minimal amount of functionality. Make sure our code worked and there were no error messages that prevented our program from running. We also had stretch goals. Which sounds like what it is, a stretch we were able to do one of them but it was made easy after we got another piece of our code to work. Our project was an application where users could create a profile and then select from an array of options to proceed. Shoutout again to my partner who did most of the heavy lifting.

After you made your profile these were the options to select from.

We had to have 5 models. Our models included gym, lifter, lift, workout type, and workout. With all those models there was a relationship between them which were many to many, many through, and belongs to. Similar to real life a lifter belong to a gym but had many workouts with many lifts and a gym would belong to a lifter. In our application we were able to get through all of those objectives.

Luckily our we got our basic set up from a repository from github. Otherwise making and requiring all the gems and other files we would’ve needed would’ve made the process even more difficult. Granted the gems are able to be installed in a bundle if you were to run bundle install in your terminal.

Picture of a terminal with the “bundle install”

So after we finished our project we had to record a video of us presenting it. I actually thought it might’ve taken a bit longer to record because of our goofs. My partner and I were able to get it on the first shot. We had to kee it under 3 minutes or at least around it. I’ll provide a link to our video .

At the end of our project a user was able to create ( C )a workout and a profile. They were also able to read ( R ) a list of their workouts and their lifts inside of them as well as a list of the gyms associated with the app. One of the coolest things we were able to let a user do was to update ( U ) the lift they had already entered into their workout. Last but not least was the delete ( D ) they were able to do in the application as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog!