• Anil Nandibhatla

    Anil Nandibhatla

    A vivid learner passionate to talk about IT Service Management, Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Scrum, and DevOps

  • Cori b

    Cori b

    Fullstack software engineer

  • Nestor Venegas

    Nestor Venegas

    Software Engineer

  • Triston Herbst

    Triston Herbst

    Flatiron Student

  • Udenna Nebeolisa

    Udenna Nebeolisa

  • Adriana A. Torres

    Adriana A. Torres

  • Devante Lowery

    Devante Lowery

    Coding Enthusiast

  • Donovan


    My aim is to learn, through peers and personal projects, so that I may confidently say I am a decent full stack web developer. Let’s take a seat at the table.

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