Want That Cookie Do Tho?

Ever wondered why sometimes ads follow you around on the internet? Or how some web pages are able to remember what you were looking at or maybe it goes over your head that your Amazon cart still has your items waiting to be purchased. In the background of your web page, your information is being saved in what is called an HTTP Cookie. So in some ways, cookies are very convenient but they can become rather annoying as well if you’re bothered by the consistent ads in the background.

HOW do they even get my info in the first place!?

First off you probably did it to yourself filling out that survey or even just shopping online. A lot of websites really just try to make it a more user-friendly experience. They do what is called an Authentication Cookie. An Authentication Cookie is usually activated once you log in and it helps maintain your session while you’re logged in so when you go from page to page on a website you don’t have to re-log yourself in. Imagine how tedious that would be. Cookies are based on what the creator of the website wants to save, based on the information you might enter into a form or if you put something in a shopping cart.

The Bad Cookies

The bad cookies are the ones that third-party marketing agencies use. Those are the ones that follow you all around the internet. They are able to keep the cookie on your computer and that is what will keep the ads coming. Even though you were on Facebook and liked UFC then went to do your weekly Walmart shopping and along the way you see an ad for a UFC PPV event, it's because of the cookie! Some might see it as a convenience because maybe you got the money to throw down on the Nike shorts that match your sweater, BUT if there is a data breach your personal information might be at risk.

This How You Delete Them.

So this is a quick run-through if you use Google Chrome on how to delete your cookies.

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to the 3 verticle dots in the top right of your browser
  3. Inside those 3 dots scroll to the privacy and security and click
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data. (Second option for cookies see #6)
  5. Then a pop-up will appear and you can select the box that says Cookies and other site data. Check the clear cookies and other site data and then click clear data.
  6. There is another option as well which is under privacy and security called cookies and other site data click it.
  7. In this option, you can select whether to block 3rd party cookies or all cookies in general!

Before you decide to block all cookies just remember that may mean a poorer browsing experience. I recommend just clearing cookies and other site data to minimize the interference while browsing.



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